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Our Service to Women

With ten private rooms available, Daystar serves 18 to 25 women a year, and the only two things they all have in common are victimization and poverty.  Black women, white women, Asian and Native American women all find their way to our door.  They are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and of no faith tradition at all.

Daystar provides women a safe, home-like environment for up to two years, with secure, private bedrooms and communal living, dining and food preparation space.  Residents have free access to laundry facilities as well as a computer lab, a fully-equipped workout room, an art therapy studio and a generous backyard garden.  Daystar’s congregate setting fosters a strong sense of community among residents which, in turn, facilitates healing.  From the safety of a space they can control, women not only recover from abuse, but learn critical interpersonal skills that help them establish healthier relationships and friendships moving forward.


The Journey

At Daystar, the service relationship between residents and staff is one of partnership and collaboration.  Each woman identifies her own personal goals and works in partnership with staff and service volunteers to achieve those goals on her way toward independence. 

Although Daystar provides many workshops and groups

onsite, we also provide information, referral, transportation assistance, advocacy and linkage to help residents access outside community-based programs and supports that will assist in goal attainment.  Along the way, Daystar’s

trauma-informed services also include activities designed to foster positive emotion and promote forward thinking.  This approach promotes healing, growth and change among survivors of trauma. 




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