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Our Unique Program

Daystar, Inc. is the only transitional shelter program in the greater Milwaukee area for formerly battered women without dependents.

We believe that in order to heal, a woman needs to focus solely and completely on herself.  National statistics indicate that it takes 5-7 times of leaving before a woman will leave her abuser for good.  We want her stay at Daystar to be that final break whether it is the first time she has left or the tenth.  Many women come to us after having raised their children.  For women with children in the foster care system because of domestic abuse, these positive steps can result in reunification and a break to the generational cycle of violence.


Services and Support

Daystar has a singular mission focus:  To empower battered women to be free and safe.  Toward that ultimate goal, we offer:

Housing.  Over half of the women who come to Daystar have no income whatsoever beyond food stamps. The majority of then meet the definition of extremely low-income and 100 percent live below the threshold we call “poverty”.  Daystar’s structure fosters a strong sense of communityamong residents which, in turn, facilitates healing.  From the safety of a space they can control, women not only recover from abuse, but learn critical interpersonal skills that help them establish healthier relationships and friendships moving forward.

Support groups.  Professionally facilitated, on-site weekly support group meetings help women recover and thrive.  Growth-themed-groups make sure the focus is on moving forward.

Workshops and Activities.  Daystar provides a schedule of activities throughout the yearthat aid residents in their healing process.  Experts are brought in to present information on a variety of topics ranging from basic life skills – nutrition, budgeting – to emotional skills – relieving stress, expressing gratitude – and even creative outlets – making clay masks to express the inner self. Known as our empowerment seminars, these presentations aim to teach our residents new mind-sets and healthy ways of living. 

Computer training.  To be competitive in today's business environment job applicants needto have basic computer skills.  Daystar’s computer lab currently provides three networked workstations and software so that residents can compose resumes, submit on-line applications and do homework - ultimately positioning themselves for employment opportunity.

Daily nutrition.   By providing for their meals, Daystar gives its residents the peace of mind that they know where their next meal is coming from.  This also gives them a chance to save for the future. 

Family support.   For women with dependent children not in their care, Daystar offers services and support designed to promote and support healthy family reunification.  Parenting classes available on-site, combined with appropriate legal advocacy and support, can help battered women whose families have been torn asunder by violence become whole. 



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